Hannibalina the ghost

I finished this girl a while ago I just didn’t get around to posting about her here. I post more frequently on my Facebook page ;).

She turned out so lovely I had to keep her myself. I may still change my mind, but she was obviously meant to stick around for a while at least <3.

Her eyelids are inspired by the moth from Silence of the lambs. I also plan to make her a straightjacket for fun, and I’m getting a Hannibal mask commissioned from Suitdrims Concepts :D. It will make her pretty creepy. For now she is fairly sweet.







Thank you for reading <3. Next week my kids are back in kindergarden after the holiday, and I will continue working on dolls again. I have some commissions, the first Blythe will be Samara from “The Ring”. And I’m nearly done with my Cinnamon girl who will be for sale :).


2 thoughts on “Hannibalina the ghost

  1. I can’t wait to get my Samara:-) She will be spooky cute.

    I really love Hannibalina, and I understand so well why you want to keep her. She’s amazing!


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