How to fix a broken Pure Neemo neck peg

I received this Pure Neemo a while ago with a broken neck peg. The seller kindly sent me a new one, but I decided to fix this one as well and use it on one of my forever girls. I wouldn’t want to sell a doll with this one :).

I used my dremel to drill a hole in both pieces of the neck peg, straight in. Very carefully and on the lowest setting obviously. You could easily slip and hurt yourself. If you have a tool to hold the pieces in place, in workshop for instance, that would limit the risk. I don’t have that kind of tools so I just held the bits in my hands away from my body. I have steady hands, and didn’t have any problems, but I figure I should recommend some safety precautions. Protection gloves are a good idea if you hold the pieces.


I then cut off a piece of a toothpick, put glue in each hole and inserted the toothpick piece into the part of the peg attached to the body. Then I attached the top part of the peg, and put some glue around the break line. And that’s it really. I will just leave it to dry for 24 hours (that’s the time stated this glue needs to dry), and then use it on my Blythe girl. Time will show how durable this solution is. I reckon it’s best not to pull on the head ;).




Thank you for reading <3. I will update again soon as I have some commissions incoming. I have had holiday with the kids so I haven’t been able to do much with my own projects.

ETA: My Sofie with the fixed body. She seems to be doing well for someone with a broken neck ;).



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