Bee’s Dreamland ā€” Blythe customising, carving, faceups, haircuts, eyechip painting.

Important: I will not accept commissions for fake/clone Blythes any more. I want to support real Blythes. I will however accept SBL Blythes now, but I charge a extra $10 for opening them up.

Services offered included in base price:

-Faceup, including freckles and painted eyelids. I use artist pastel chalks, watercolour pencils and water based acrylic paint. I use MSC UV cut to seal the faceup, or Purity Seal on tan dolls.

-Carving of nose, philtrum and mouth.

-Change of eyechips, send some with the doll or I can get some and add to total. I have different colours of Brainworm eyechips “in stock”.

-Sleep eyes, please send the pull string and pull charms you want with the doll. If you wish you can add charms later yourself. Or I can get a pull string and charms for you and add it to the total.

-Boggled eyelids, make the eyelids go all the way back so they don’t show when the eyes are open.

-Gaze correction, the doll can have a upwards gaze. Let me know how much you want it adjusted.

-Change of eyelashes, send the ones you want with the doll, or I can get some and add to the total.

-Body swap, I can swap the body for a different one. Just send the body you want to swap to.

Additional services not included in base price:
-Hair cut
-Carved teeth (due to extra time carving)
-Painted eyechips

Pricing guide: Base price package Blythe customising: $90

Hair cut $10
Carved teeth $20
Painted eyechips $12
Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks maximum, depending on weather conditions for spraying sealant.

I need the following details:
Description of faceup, colours, if you want eyeliner or painted eyelashes. If you want freckles, how much and where.

Description of how you want the eyelids painted, if you want them blushed with pastels or painted with acrylics.

How you want the nose, philtrum and mouth. I’d love pictures for reference, though I cannot do exact copies of other peoples carving/work or my own. Each doll deserve to be unique <3.

If you want the doll boggled, gaze corrected, and/or sleep eyes. What eyechips you want changed.

Let me know if you want gloss anywhere on the face, i.e. the mouth.

If you want additional services, and if so specific details of these. If you wish for me to decide some things for you I am happy to do that as well :).

Payment & Shipping

Payment policy: I do not require a downpayment before beginning a commission. Payment due once commission is completed (before shipping to buyer). I can do a short layaway if needed.
Paypal only. Bank transfer only within Norway.

Trades: I am currently accepting trades as partial payment.
I may be willing to trade for: Blythe clothes. I would love to trade for a yellow or light pink Mimsy bear hats with closed eyes (going up, down or be like this: >u<).
I also want: Alice Blice bee hat and starry night eyechips.
moshimoshi: -Joni dress, in cream, dove, mushroom or other solid colours (no patterns). Cap sleeve blouse- ivory and vintage lace.

Vainilladolly custom Blythe from the last couple of years.

Ships from: Hamar, Norway

– Shipping is not included in my prices.
– I do not require a shipment method with tracking but I would prefer it.
– I do not require insurance. In fact the possibility of getting insurance is only there if using a courier, and that is incredibly expensive, I’m sorry.
– I do ship internationally.

About me:
I live in a non-smoking household, I do not have pets.
I will update you with pictures during each step of the customisation. If you want I can also send pictures via Facebook message, or e-mail. Please ask if anything is unclear.