Hi ^-^

I’m 31 years old, and live in Norway with my two beautiful children who are 5 and soon 3 years old. I am also a nurse.

I collect My Little Pony, Pullip/Dal/Taeyang dolls, BJD’s of all sizes and of course Blythe. Since I started collecting and customising Blythe in 2013 they and my BJD’s have taken the most attention. Right from the start I knew I wanted to customise my Blythes. All the beautiful customs I had seen made me crave one of my own. Now I want to spread that joy by recruiting new Blythe fans, and customise Blythes for others. The first Blythe I fell for was Simply Mango, and she did end up being both my first Blythe and custom.

Other interests of mine is carnivorous plants, aquarium fish, reading (especially fantasy), watching films and series (I love science fiction) and anime (especially Studio Ghibli). I also like to read Manga and other comics. Elfquest is my favourite. As if I didn’t have enough hobbies I also love playing Nintendo games, like Zelda and Pokemon ;).