Sorry, no more commissions on fakes!

After giving this matter a lot of thought I have decided to only accept commissions on genuine Blythe dolls. I own a couple of fake customs already, and I have made a couple myself. I also have a couple commissions to complete on fakes, that I already agreed too. So it might seem strange that I do this. But in future I will not accept commissions on fake Blythes. I wish to support Takara, and not the fake industry any more. It just feels wrong when I would never consider recast BJD’s or angelgate/fake Pullips. Please know that I will never judge anyone else for buying fakes. That is your choice, and I will never look down on you for it <3. I just choose to not work on them any more. I do not wish to start the fake VS real discussions. This is just a notification of my choice.

No more fakes


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