The scalp struggles

I have been away for a bit and then I got ill, so my projects haven’t come along as much as I would have liked. But I will get there ;). 

I’m waiting for a pile of nice new brainworm eyechips, most of them clear so I can paint them. And I have ordered alpaca hair, light brown with some blond mixed in to get a natural highlight effect. This is for my Cinnamon girl. I have removed all the hair she had on her scalp, and crikey, that was a struggle. Her scalp was full of stiff glue that seemed to have merged together with the plastic. But I managed :P, no going back on this.
   I cut the hair off first.
  Then soaked the scalp. Doesn’t look creepy at all ;). I have soaked it a bunch of times, it didn’t help much on the glue.. But I had to try.

 I used small scissors and a tweezer to remove the hair. You can see how awful that glue is. I might not want to reroot any more EBLs in future :P. 

  All ready for new hair ^-^.

While I wait for the hair I will finish the fake girl, I will give you a update soon :).


How I carve Blythe faces ^-^

I will now give you a description of how I like to carve Blythe faces 🙂


Magic sponge and hand sanitizer.

Set of different diamond files

Carving knife from Cool Cat

Wet or dry sandpaper p800 and p1200 from 3M

Dremel, but this is optional 😉

A Blythe face 😛


First I use my carving knife to carve the basic shape between the lips. So I will carve a deeper line in whatever shape I have chosen. It can help to look at a pictures of Blythes who has a similar shape to what you are after. I also now carve in to the side of the mouth to raise a smile or maybe a pouty look. I really love pouty looking Blythes ;). I use a smaller cut off piece of the sponge with some hand sanitizer on to wipe off bits of plastic so I can see what I’m doing. Also you don’t want to blow the plastic dust into the air, not good to breath in. It’s a good idea to use a suitable mask to avoid this, especially if you are dry sanding (I can recommend this thread for advice on respiratory protection:

I will use the knife at different angles to carve in different places, you can just try and see what feel best for you. But I will show some pics of the angles I often use.


Here I twist my wrist so I follow the shape downward to get that line underneath the mouth that I like.


I usually use the tip to work on the line between the lips to get it deeper. Just remember to be careful if your Blythe is a RBL+ model as they have much thinner plastic and you don’t want to go through the plastic. I hold the faceplate up to the light to check, it’s easy to see then if you have some very light areas.


I use the tip of the knife and swirl the very point in a sirkular movement to carve nostrils. I use the tip to get small nostrils. A wider angle will give wider nostrils.


I use this side of the knife to dig out the angle of the mouth. Carefully so I don’t make uneccessary scratches in the area around.


After I am happy with the general shape of the mouth and nose I will use different diamond files to work on different areas. I use the ball shaped ones to work on the philtrum and use sirklular movements over the mouth and nose. I also like the ball shaped files for making the lips a bit bigger sometimes, by shaping the lip upwards. I use pointed ones to get inside the nostrils, under the mouth and between the lips.


And I use a small ball shaped one in the nostrils ^-^.


Once I have evened out the bigger scratches and bumps with the files I will first use the p800 sandpaper to smooth out most of the scratches left. For a super smooth finish and removing any small scratches left, I use the p1200 sandpaper. I keep a bowl with water near and regularly dip the paper in to keep it wet. Doing it wet will avoid platic dust in the air and will give a smoother finish. I always use sirkular movements even with very fine sandpaper like this to make sure it will end up smooth. Just do this until you are happy :). I check in good light to see if any scratches are left. I also sand the backplate and eyelids in preparation for the next step.


Here she is now :). I will still check again in the brighter daylight tomorrow to be sure she is really done ;).

Also before doing any faceup work I will sort out the eyelids so they don’t show when the eyes are open and scrape off a layer of plastic at the top of the eye hole to allow space for paint or decoupage (for those who would like to do that) on the eyelid. I already have a tutorial on flickr regarding opening a RBL, boggling, sleep eyes, and eyechip removal. I will post it here on the blog at some point :). But you can find it in my flickr albums.


This is a pic I have taken previously :). Just scrape off some plastic carefully and wet sand it after. I also pop the eyelids back in to check if I have made enough space. You really don’t want to end up scraping off the eyelid paint you have been working hard on.


If there are any more questions I am happy to help. I might have forgotten something as well ;).

Edit: Since making this tutorial I have begun to use a dremel. But I basically do the same as I did before, only with the diamond files attached to the dremel, and faster than I could do manually. It’s best to wait with the dremel until you feel quite confident carving manually. You can slip easily and make big damages quickly. So you need to have steady hands, be awake and focused to use one. Also always use a protection mask when using a dremel as the plastic dust flies around everywhere, and you can easily breathe it in. One of the girls I did mostly using a dremel:


Thank you for reading. Hugs to everyone :D.

My opinion on fakies and a small challenge with EBL ;)

Currently I have a few projects. I have faceups to do on a couple of BJD’s. But as the weather is still too cold over here to spray with MSC, I have started working on a TBL fake Blythe and my EBL Cinnamon Girl.

The fakie girl I’m currently working on has gorgeous soft blond hair. And though I will want to most of the time use real Blythes for customising and selling, there really something to be said about the hair of these fakies. I really like this girl, but as I already have a tan fake girl with a blonde alpaca reroot, I feel it will be better to let someone else enjoy her once she is done ;). My stance on the fake VS real is that what matters most is that the doll brings happiness to the owner. I own a few custom fakes myself and I love them just as much as the real Takara Blythes ^-^. I do wish Takara would improve the quality of the real Blythes hair, and that they would also improve the RBL+ mold. The plastic is too thin on the RBL+ so carving is a bit more risky. Maybe those improving would make more people want to buy real Blythes instead of fakes as well.

I do not mind owning fakies, or taking commissions on fakies. The reason I will try to mostly stick to real Takara when I customise to sell, is that my work can perhaps reach out to more people. I do know that there are many who would not like to own fake Blythes.

Here she is anyway :).


My other girl going under the knife is my Cinnamon Girl. I got her MIB and she had rubs in her blush and eyeshadow on one side even though she was definetly not ever removed from her box before I got her. So I don’t feel bad about customising her :). I have soaked her in warm soapy water to loosen the scalp before trying to remove it. It was very stuck and there is a lot of glue so I had to soak 3 times before I could get that scalp off her. As her hair is stiff and not very nice I will do a alpaca reroot. This will be my second reroot. I really hope I won’t take as long this time ;). It’s my least favourite job, but oh how I love the look of a nice alpaca reroot.

IMG_4137 IMG_4133

I have removed the fake girls faceup and eyechips so I am ready to start carving her. I will finish that carving first as with Cinnamon Girl I will need to order alpaca hair. So there is no rush with her :).

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. I will update again soon ^-^

Hello and welcome ^-^

I have started this blog as a way to share my work with anyone interested. I am a collector of My Little Pony, Pullip dolls, BJD and Blythe. I am known on forums like the MLP arena, Dolly Market, Dollchemy, Dukkehuset, and Den of Angels as Buzzingbumblebee. I have been a doll collector since 2011, but the amazing Blythe didn’t win me over until 2013 ;). Since then I have been forever hooked. On this blog I will mainly focus on posting updates of my work with Blythe customising. I will also continue working on my customising tutorial when I have time, and post it here.

I am very excited about starting this blog, I have wanted to for a while ^-^. I will post a update of my latest work soon. Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.



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