The scalp struggles

I have been away for a bit and then I got ill, so my projects haven’t come along as much as I would have liked. But I will get there ;). 

I’m waiting for a pile of nice new brainworm eyechips, most of them clear so I can paint them. And I have ordered alpaca hair, light brown with some blond mixed in to get a natural highlight effect. This is for my Cinnamon girl. I have removed all the hair she had on her scalp, and crikey, that was a struggle. Her scalp was full of stiff glue that seemed to have merged together with the plastic. But I managed :P, no going back on this.
   I cut the hair off first.
  Then soaked the scalp. Doesn’t look creepy at all ;). I have soaked it a bunch of times, it didn’t help much on the glue.. But I had to try.

 I used small scissors and a tweezer to remove the hair. You can see how awful that glue is. I might not want to reroot any more EBLs in future :P. 

  All ready for new hair ^-^.

While I wait for the hair I will finish the fake girl, I will give you a update soon :).


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