My opinion on fakies and a small challenge with EBL ;)

Currently I have a few projects. I have faceups to do on a couple of BJD’s. But as the weather is still too cold over here to spray with MSC, I have started working on a TBL fake Blythe and my EBL Cinnamon Girl.

The fakie girl I’m currently working on has gorgeous soft blond hair. And though I will want to most of the time use real Blythes for customising and selling, there really something to be said about the hair of these fakies. I really like this girl, but as I already have a tan fake girl with a blonde alpaca reroot, I feel it will be better to let someone else enjoy her once she is done ;). My stance on the fake VS real is that what matters most is that the doll brings happiness to the owner. I own a few custom fakes myself and I love them just as much as the real Takara Blythes ^-^. I do wish Takara would improve the quality of the real Blythes hair, and that they would also improve the RBL+ mold. The plastic is too thin on the RBL+ so carving is a bit more risky. Maybe those improving would make more people want to buy real Blythes instead of fakes as well.

I do not mind owning fakies, or taking commissions on fakies. The reason I will try to mostly stick to real Takara when I customise to sell, is that my work can perhaps reach out to more people. I do know that there are many who would not like to own fake Blythes.

Here she is anyway :).


My other girl going under the knife is my Cinnamon Girl. I got her MIB and she had rubs in her blush and eyeshadow on one side even though she was definetly not ever removed from her box before I got her. So I don’t feel bad about customising her :). I have soaked her in warm soapy water to loosen the scalp before trying to remove it. It was very stuck and there is a lot of glue so I had to soak 3 times before I could get that scalp off her. As her hair is stiff and not very nice I will do a alpaca reroot. This will be my second reroot. I really hope I won’t take as long this time ;). It’s my least favourite job, but oh how I love the look of a nice alpaca reroot.

IMG_4137 IMG_4133

I have removed the fake girls faceup and eyechips so I am ready to start carving her. I will finish that carving first as with Cinnamon Girl I will need to order alpaca hair. So there is no rush with her :).

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. I will update again soon ^-^


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